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parking barrier KG520

KG-520 parking barrier is installed at the parking lots’ entry and exit area. Parking barrier will open and close barrier by signal. (From car detector, remote control, central management system, and control box, etc.). System has different functions of dry contact for various types of space. KG-520 features functions of alert, detection, protection and anti-noise, etc. It can connect with automatic pay station, entry station, car detector, traffic light, remote controller, car exit alert and other traffic signals, etc. This system provides auto, user-friendly and safe management.


  Auto / manual release parking barrier setting input
  Multiple sets of open/close signal input
  Car detection to avoid car from hitting barrier input
  Send signals to change traffic light (when barrier opens)
  Entry station signal output. (after barrier close)
  Open signal has higher priority than close signal when parking barrier is closing.
  Barrier auto close 0~15 seconds(adjustable)
  Barrier close after 15 seconds
  System will send alert message if barrier is in wrong position
  Motor temperature protection
  Auto detection of electrical circuit error
  With Power circuit breaker and power plug
  Power failure or any abnormality the barrier can be lift up manually
  Underground or low ceiling parking lot can use folding barrier.
  Barrier open angles can be 60°, 70°, 80° or 90°.

  Smooth and Sustainable:   System has gone through severe tests. Linkage mechanism system enables effectively long term operation.
  KG520 can be operated manually during outage or system problem.

  Accurate position:   Clutches ensure the barrier arms stop at the right positions. Barrier arms can avoid shaking by speed control.
  Balanced Weight:   Assistant barrier arm can reduce power loss and extend product life.

  Arm with red reflective film provides a safe protect in the night.

Opening Time:
2/2.5/3.5 Seconds (can be set on demand)
  Dimension: 400(L) X 400(W) X 1,065(H)mm
  Aluminum Barrier Arm: 4,000(L) X 32(W) X 90(H)mm
  A hybrid system of polyester and epoxy resin for coating, powder coated with 0.15mm thickness.
  Folding Arm:   Linkage mechanism system easy to adjustment
  Net Weight:   65 kg
  Power:   110 / 220V, 50/60Hz, 1PH, DC motor with rated power 200W
  Weatherproof Cabinet:   2.0mm S-41 high strength steel cabinets are anti-water and suitable for outdoor use. 4-doors design facilitates operation and maintenance.

  Certification:   ISO9001 / CE / IP44
  Operation Temperature:  
-10℃~ 60℃

Option: Remote control base, remote controller, LED barrier, and Peripherals
parking barrier KG520 folding arm
parking barrier KG520 dimension
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