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Tripod Turnstile

Many famous corporations and organizations, governmental agency, hospital, universities are using our tripod turnstiles. If there are any questions or inquiries, you are welcome to contact us any time. You shall have our reply ASAP: Contact Us

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On-stie photos Collection

1. Cement Factory, Indonesia
This cement factory has mass pedstrain walk and pass every day. They are using RT300, a economic choice of tripod turnstile, to form multiple lanes with their own card reader to complete entrance control demand.

Tripod Turnstile RT300

  2. Aptos Technology, Taiwan
Aptos Technology is a well-known SiP technology solution provider with advanced processes and technologies. Before staff enter dust-free room to work, all of them need to be checked if there is static electricity surrounding their body or not. Tripod turnstiles are acting as security guard here. Without passing exams from testing devices, turnstile won't allow people to enter.

Tripod Turnstile RT310
Tripod Turnstile RT330



3. Foxconn, Taiwan
Foxconn chooses tripod turnstile RT300 as their entrance control machines. Access control devices are put on top of machine for on-site demand. This turnsitle is put in front of dust-free room acted as security guard. In here, the turnstile only check when people want to enter. No check when people want to go out.

Tripod Turnstile RT300

  4. Sports Center, Taiwan
In this project, RT320 tripod turnstile are using to form 2 lanes. One for entry and one for exit. And since most guests of sport center are local residents, front LED indicator is able to display Chinese character. With the flexibility of bi-directional function of assistance of remote control box, sport center can manage guests transit effectively.

Tripod Turnstile RT320



5. ASE Inc., Taiwan
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE Inc.) is one of the world’s leading providers of semiconductor manufacturing services. They need simple entrance control in front of of elevators. In this case, RT310 is the best and economic solution for this demand. Access control device is embedded inside the machine and bi-directional function allowed the flexibility to manage pessenger transit.

Tripod Turnstile RT310




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