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Parking Management System

Many famous corporations and organizations, governmental agency, hospital, universities are using our parking management system. If there are any questions or inquiries, you are welcome to contact us any time. You shall have our reply ASAP: Contact Us

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On-stie photos Collection

1. Centurymarket, Qingpu Dist. of Shanghai, China
The project has around 200 parking spaces. It is designed to be an one entry and one exit parking lot. Traffic warden can use cashier station to collect parking fee upon driver exits. The system helps owner of parking well manage the parking lot with best economic efficiency.

  2. Carrefour, Taiwan
In this project, Carrefour choses full set of parking management system, including automatic pay station, central management system and discount machine, etc. With the help of system, staff of Carrefour is able to offer discount rate to customers and also well manage the entry&exit of cars.


3. St. Ignatius Plaza, Taiwan
This shopping plaza has both plane and mechnical parking spaces. In this project, our parking system are well integrated with 3rd party mechnical parking garage system together. By using our central management system, administrator of parking is able to monitor and manage status of parking lot efficiently.

  4. Nanjing Agricultural Products Logistics Center
Original parking barriers of Nanjing Agricultural Products Logistics Center are too old to bear high volume and frequency of transit of vehicles. Therefore, they choose our parking barrier to overcome their problems.


5. Test Rite, Xingzhuang, Taiwan
The project has an one entry and one exit lane for vehicle, and a small lane for motorbike customer. Customer of both car and motorbike can pay their parking fee at automatic pay station. Automatic pay station will charge them according to their vehicle type and also able to offer discount per their parking time.

  6.Dingpu market, Taiwan
Parking lot of the market is located at underground. The entry is too narrow to put machines outside. Main parts of parking management system are installed at underground. A parking space display LED is set at outside of parking lot to help visitors to know if the space avaiable or not.

1. Fullon Hotel, Shengkeng, Taiwan
The hotel is located in downtown area and neighbor to main road. The project is typical parking lot. But its ceiling is too short to pur typical parking barrier to secure parking lane. Therefore, fold-arm parking barriers are chosen to use in this underground parking lot. Stability and durability of our machines perfect satisfy their demand up to today.

  2. Splendor Hotel, Taichung, Taiwan
Parking lot of splendor hotel has both plane and multi-level parking system. In this project, it integrates full set of parking management system. By using our parking management system, administrator of parking can track status of parking lot. The convenience and efficiency of management system helps hotel service into higher level.


1. Shanghai First People's Hospital - Baoshan Branch
In this project, it adopts parking barrier, entry station and exit station, and also RFID long range equipments. Afterward, our new equipments replaces old original parking equipments successfully.

  2. Cardinal Tien Hospital, Taiwan
The project has mass transit volume every day. The hospital reserves a lane for ambulance only in order to sure the patient can arrive without delay. For motorbike parking lot, coin-operated station is installed to help motorbike visitor can pay parking fee directly.


3. Central Hospital of Zhabei District, Shanghai
We cooperate with the company of professional parking management in order to design parking management plan for central hospital of Zhabei district. For this project, it adopts our parking barrier, entry station and exit station.

  4, Quyang Hospital, China
The project is designed as one entry and one exit lane. Parking barrier and parking entry station are main machines adopted by hospital. They also use 3rd party CCTV to integrate with system to enhance their parking management level.

5. Yuansheng Hospital, Taiwan
The project has full set of parking management system. More than one automatic pay stations are installed to satisfy mass volume of visitors everyday. Automatic pay station can run 24 hours without rest. Visitors can enjoy parking lot service all the day.


1. My way community, Taiwan
A classical project from Huaku development. Single unit of this community is over 1.5million USD. They choose to use our parking management system to offer best user experience to its resident.
  2. Xiangdong community - Hongkou District, China
The community offers parking lot space with manual fee collection. In this project, it adopts parking barriers, entry station, and card validator for exit to achieve the goal of parking management for this community.

3. Lotus Hill community, Taiwan
This community is using our parking management system since 20 years ago. Machines are still work well after this long time. The project shows the stability and durability of goosafe parking management system.
  4. Shininyangming community - Taiwan
A classical project from Shining Building Business Co.,Ltd. Similar to my way community, single unit of this community is also over 1.5million USD. Goosafe parking management system is proud to be chosen offer best user experience to its resident.

1. Pxmart Headquarter, Taiwan
PXmart is top distributor of Taiwan. In order to get best management efficiency to parking lot, they choose goosafe parking management system.

  2. Cathey Jianshei Mansion, Taiwan
In order to well control and manage mass transit volume of business guest. Goosafe parking management system is integrated into a part of this mansion.

1. Custom, Dubai, UAE
This parking barrier is special designed for Dubai custom. Several extra designs are used for this hot and outdoor environment and those are ingenious hiding inside the simple elegant machine.



Central Hospital
of Zhabei District
Xiangdong Community
of Shanghai
Shanghai First People's Hospital - Baoshan Branch Nanjing Agricultural Products Logistics Center Lianhua Supermarket
of Shanghai
Cardinal Tien Hospital
of Xindian
Regent Hotel, Taipei Inan Parking Sijhih Cathay General
Fullon Hotel & Resorts
of Shengkeng
Taiwan Parking Co., Ltd. Dingpu Market
of Tucheng District
Town Hall of Daxi Parking Lot
of Guishan Market
Funeral Home
of Chungli City
Chung Shan Medical University Hospital
of Taichung City
Carrefour Qinghai Branch of Taichung City Carrefour Chongde Branch of Taichung City
Luodong Nightmarket
of Yilan
Parking Lot of Yilan Farmer's Association Yushan Hospital
of Zhanghua City
Wanfang Parking lot of Zhanghua City Chheng Hok Senior Home of Sanxia Splendor Hotel of Taichung City
Jhong Jheng
Orthopeics Hosiptal of Kaoshiung City
Imperial Parking Corp. Mr.Park Corporation B&Q of Kaoshiung City Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area of Pingtung Carrefour Dean Branch of Taichung
Guan Parking Lot of Kaoshiung Chengfu Parking Lot of Kaoshiung Parkinsys Technology Corporation Chung Shan Medical University Funeral Home of Taichung Parking Lot of Wushung Rd., Taichung
ATT 4 Fun of Xinyi
District, Taipei
Pacific SOGO
Department Stores Co., Ltd.
I-Shou University Parc De Sol of Home Group Parking Lot under Daihan Bridge, Banqiao Taipei Daan Sports Center
Veterans General Hospital Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Chung- Shan Institute of Science and Technology Pxmart of Tianmu District, Taipei  

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