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Suitable for entrance control and management of stations, offices, factories.

Cabinet 1.5mm thickness, SUS 304, brushed stainless steel or coating, fully welded for maximum strength
Arms SUS304 polished stainless steel, OD 38mm and length 480mm
Power AC110/220V、50/60Hz、1Phase
Throughput Up to 30 persons per minute
Structure High density steel
Fail-safe The arms automatically unlock for free rotation in the event of power failure
Quality Certification ISO 9001 / CE
Digital Control Built-in controller with entry/exit/bi-directional mode and multiple independent terminal input units, suitable for various types of site planning, with the function of warning, detection, protection, anti-noise, and RS-485 interface.
LED indicator Passage is allowed when the LED signal light turns green, and no passage is permitted when the signal turns red. With switchable modes for bi-directional, prohibited and allowed passage to guide the dedestrians.
Remote control RS-485 interface
    *TCP/IP Network remote control allows remote control mode setting and door opening.
Dimension 1250mm(L)X280mm(W)X980mm(H)
Weight 55KG
Operating Temperature 0~45℃
Relative humidity 0~85%

1. "*", star mark refers to be optional and has to be purchased separately.
2. Specification and Dimension are subject to change without prior notice.

  The digital tripod turnstile is elegant and aesthetically pleasing, specifically designed to coordinate with the management system, and is installed at the entrance and exit of a restricted area for the unidirectional or bi-directional control of passage. It can work, when adequately connected, with a recognition system, surveillance system, coin acceptor, paid ticket exit terminal, swipe machine, time clock, etc. Its main use is in restricted areas with low security demands and in conjunction with security guards or remote monitoring.  
  This is an energy saving mode. If the system detects intrusion or illegal entry, arms will be auto locked to stop the passenger.  
Tripod Turnstile is in a locked status. System will unlock for passengers to pass through when receiving legal passing signals.  
We adopt interactive detection to enhance logical control and to reduce machine movements. This can reduce wear rate and power consumption. The unique mechanical design increases Mean Cycles Between Failure(MCBF) and enables longer service life.。
Single independent electric lock for bi-directional control. Electric lock needs no electricity for regular passage, and thus realizes effective management of electricity. The efficiency of electricity use is remarkably strengthened.
Auto-balanced positioning design requires no motor power. It saves both energy and maintenance parts.
Customer can change passage modules and parameter settings to suit for various sites.
Delicate dropped arm mechanism is not only stable and safe, but also reliable and sustainable.

    High Speed
    Normally open mode can reach 30 people per minute.

    Lower Noise
    Tripod Turnstile is designed to operate accurately and smoothly. The liquid shock-absorber positioning enables fluent and quiet mechanical movements.

    Passage Module 
    The bi-directional passage is controlled by control panel. Each direction can be set to different modules as follows :
•Control module (Only open when receiving signal of legal passing)
•No passage module (No passage is permitted.)
•Free passage module (All passages are allowed to passage.)

    Normally Open & Normally Close Mode 
    Tripod Turnstile can shift between normally open and normally close modes by changing parameters setting. Tripod Turnstile will auto lock up after personnel passed when system under normally close mode.

    Power Outage
    Users can choose free passage or no passage module during power outage by adjusting solenoid position.

    Traffic Light
    Passage is allowed when the light turns green, and no passage is permitted when the light turns red. If traffic light flash in red, please check the system or contact with engineer.

    The RS-485 interface facilitates transfer setting and remote control for users.

    Dropped Arm Mechanism
    The tripod turnstile will auto drop its armand become emergency exit passage when receiving power outage or fire alarm inputs.

    LED Passage Lights (Option) 
    The LED passage lights will guide personnel through the passages when people pass the recognition systems.

    TCP / IP (Option)
    Each passage has independent IP address. Users can use TCP / IP to remote control the tripod turnstile.

    Passage Controller (Option)
    The passage controller specially made for Tripod Turnstile enables function setting and system operation.

Functional Features                    

  Entry / exit signal input
  Fire alarm / free passage signal input
  Entry / exit status output
  LED traffic light
  Built-in digital counter
  Uni-directional module
  Bi-directional module
  No passage module
  Free passage module
  Buffer time for passing setting
  Alarm sound time setting
  Light display module setting
  Other additional function setting
  Auto detection for positioning
  Power : AC100~240V , 50/ 60 Hz , 1 phase
  Relative Humidity : 0~85%
  MCBF: ≧ 1,000,000 cycles
  MTTR : ≦ 15 Mins
  Passage Width : 500~550mm
  Certification : ISO 9001 / CE
Tripod Turnstile FT330 (Dropped Arm)
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