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  Swing Flap Gate
Model No.:SF-160


Use of the SF swing flap gate accelerates pedestrian flow in high-traffic pedestrian access situation, office building, banks, VIP areas in sports arenas..etc.SF swing flap gate uses the detection of the infrared sensors and the speed of the gate to provide secure, effective and rapid access control to prevent tailgating and intrusion.

SF series can configure with recognition system or verification system like facial recognition, fingerprint,and all kinds of card reader…etc. LED display shows the status of the flap gate to guide the user through the process easier. In case of intrusion or abnormal status, alarm will be activated and a message will be send to the control room at the same time.

SF swing flap gate can prevent unauthorized passage providing excellent access control. An access control system within the field of physical security is generally seen as the second layer in the security of a physical structure.


  High performance and stable DC brushless servo motor for long-term continuous cooperation. Gates can withstand 100% continuous full-time frequent operation.
  DC brushless servo controller can digitalize power output to change the setting of the open/close gate speed. System can self-detect errors and send an error message to control when there is an error.
  The gates will self-correct automatically and synchronous the movement. Uses stainless steel structures, direct transmission and precise movement.
  The speed of the gate can be adjusted, the range will be 1~2.5 seconds. Gates will be automatically unlocked and can be opened manually when there is any fire or power failure.
  Output torsion of gate can be adjusted and anti-trap safety detection is available.    

  With Entry/Exit/Bi-directional mode settings, and many sets of terminal for Output/Input. Continues open signal input memory setting.
  Suitable for many different types of sites with alert, detect, protect and
anti-clutter signal with RS-485 interface.
Gates close automatically timer setting: 1~30 seconds.
  Logic voltage: DC 12V Photocells: 12 sets
  Bi-directional control, Entry/Exit motion detection, alarm for intrusion. Digital counter with 8 digits is installed in the machine to show the number of entry.
  Anti-tailgating detection. RS-485 interface.
  Intrusion detection. TCP/IP network remote control which allows changes of control modes (Optional).
  System has Control/ Stop/ Free modes setting. Remote control box (Optional)

  Cabinet with 1.5mm thickness SUS-304 brushed stainless steel. Power usage: 90W
  Panel: 10mm transparent tempered glass panel (Standard). Temperature: 0~45℃
  10mm transparent high-strength and impact resistant panel (Optional) Relative Humidity: 0~85% (No condensation)
  MCBF ≧ 1,500,000 cycles Weight: 90/110 kgs
  MTTR ≦ 30 minutes Dimension: 1600 x 200 x 1000 (mm)
Option of panel height: 1200 (mm)
  Power input: AC110 / 220V, 50 / 60Hz, 1PH    
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