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Speed gate EG3800 provides an enhanced automatic management to high security area, such as custom of airport, where there is high-volume pedestrian access and high security control is required.

Cabinet 1.5mm thickness, SUS-304, brushed stainless steel or coating
Certification ISO 9001 / CE
Barrier 10mm tempered glass
Digital Control Warning / Detection / Protection / Anti-noise / Anti-tailgating
Motor DC brushless servo motor
Photocells 33 sets
Pass Speed ≥ 10 Persons / Min
Passage Width 550mm / 700mm / 900mm
Remote control RS-485, TCP / IP
Power AC110/220V、50/60Hz、1Phase
LED Traffic Light Green light / Red light
Temperature 0℃ ~ 45℃
Relative humidity 0% ~ 85%, non-condensing
Dimension 3812(L) x 300/400/450(W) x 980(H)mm
Weight 500kg
MCBF ≥ 1,500,000 cycle
MTTR ≤ 30 min
1. Specification subjects to change without prior notice.

Speed gate of Goosafe maximize traffic flow speed of pedestrian lane, offered elegant and sophisticated design without compromising security. The gate is suitable for high secuirty area where there is high-volume pedestrian access and high security control is required.

Speed gate EG3800 provides an enhanced automatic and security management, designed for single and multiple lane installation. The gate also guarantees fast, smooth and efficient access control in busy traffic pedestrian entrances, entry and exit lanes. With the installation of speed gates, above zones can be allocated to significantly improve traffic flow and security.

Speed Gate EG3800 also inherits advantages of quiet operation and low power consumption from family of Goosafe speed gates. The attractive design gives ideal security solution for installed environment.

The sophisticated photocell system of the speed gate detects unauthorized entry or tailgating. The gate can be connected with your own recognition system or surveillance system, such as RFID card reader, face identify sytem, coin acceptor, exit management terminal, etc. It allows comfortable contactless access even with bags or luggage.

turnstile-speed-gate-EG3800 turnstile-speed-gate-EG3800

Reasonable Design 
550mm/700mm/900mm passages are suitable for passengers with luggages.
Passport readers, card readers and recognition equipments can hide in the cabinet.
Inner circuit adopts DC 24V and DC 12V to drive and control for safety.
Built-in 8-digit counter can display passage records.
Function setting by parameters is highly adaptive to different environments.
Stainless steel structures a stable environment for EG-3800. Our design can reduce the vibration and metal fatigue, and also rising machine’s efficiency and long life cycle.
Cabinet with1.5mm thickness, SUS-304 brushed stainless steel or coating.
10 mm transparent tempered glass panel

Outstanding Features
1.8 meter of tempered glass panel can prevent fraudulent passing over.
Panel’s open or close movement can automatically self-correct at the same time.
EG-3800 can adjust panel’s open or close speed by parameters setting.
(From 1 to 2 seconds)
Output torsion of panel can be adjusted and anti-trap safety detection is available.
EG-3800 can withstand 100% continuous full-time frequent operation.
System can self-detect errors all the time. Alert system will send an error message to central when system is in an error status.
Panel will automatically open for emergency or power outage. (Option)
Current Consumption: Maximum 2.0A / AC 220V, idle 0.5 A / 220V

Motor Design
High performance and stable DC brushless servo motor suitable for long-term continuous operation without temperature rises.
DC brushless servo controller can digitalize power output. We use this advantage to set up speed and torsion for open/close panel.
Motor controller with movement coding monitor can detect extraordinary external force. System will stop power output to prevent damage.

Digital Control
Built-in controller with entry, exit, and bi-directional modes.
We design different function dry contacts on our control panel for various type of space.
System with the function of warning, detection, protection, and anti-noise.
DC 12V Logic Voltage.
Anti-tailgating and reverse intruding detection.
Memorizing continuous open panel signal input setting
Panel automatically close after timeout period of 1~30 secs by setting
33 sets logic photocells detection

■ Speed gate EG3800, intermediate units are included.

 LED Light & Voice Alarm
LED Traffic Light : Passage is allowed when the light turns green, and no passage is permitted when the light turns red.
Voice alarm will urge people safely pass through before time is up.

  Input and Output
Entry / exit direction input
Open status input
Compelling open signal input
Fire alarm input
Passage completion output
Error status alert
Tailgating alert
Reverse intruding alert

  Remote Control
RS-485 Interface
TCP / IP network remote control allows changes of remote control modes and panel opening settings. (Option)

Speed gate EG3800 can install with arch. Arch can also combine with CCTV to increase security level of lanes. Numbers of arch is depending on quantities of lanes:


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