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  Full Height Turnstile
Model No.:RH1-650 / RH1-750


RH1 Full height turnstile is specifically designed to coordinate with the management system, and is installed at the entrance and exit of a restricted area for the unidirectional or bi-directional control of passage. It can integrate with a recognition system, surveillance system, card readers...etc.

RH1 series are designed suitable for outdoor uses with LED direction indicators to indicate access entry and exit. When the turnstile is being push to an angle of 120 degrees (One Cycle), it will lock automatically to prevent tailgating.

Full height turnstile is suitable for amusement park, industrial park, ticketing area…etc, and all kinds of restricted open public areas.


  Passage width: 650mm/750mm,
(Width of the passage can be customized)
No motor is needed; bumper cylinder will help tripod arm auto buffer and auto location.
  With card reader platform for installation
(Please double confirm before installation)
Full height turnstile has three distinctive features, lightings, LED indicators and alarm for better guidance.
  Dip function settings which can be chosen according to the environment. Material for the full height turnstile cabinet is SUS-304 high strength compound steel and circumference of 38mm with surface polishing.
  Single seperate electric lock, bi-directional control to achive minimum power usage. Full height turnstile has modularized design, easier for shipment and site assemble.

  Entry/Exit signal input Uni-directional / Bi-directional mode setting
  Fire alarm/Free passage signal input Control/Stop/Free passage mode setting
  Abnormal status warning RS-485
  LED traffic light to show the status of the passage TCP/IP (Optional)
  LED passage light indicators Passage controller (Optional)

  Power input: AC100V/220V, 50/60Hz,1Ph MCBF: ≧ 1,000,000 cycles
  Power usage: Max. 100W (Lighting included) MTTR :≦ 15 Minutes
  Temperature: 0~45℃ Certification: CE
  Relative Humidity: 0~85% (No condensation)    
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