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In 2016, Goosafe is planning to join different kinds of exhibitions around world.

In ifsec India 2015, more Indialocal system intergrators show high intention in corporation with Goosafe.

New factory is finished construction and run. It is named Yuanfu factory and going to raise production ability of Goosafe.

In Secutech 2015, Goosafe exhibts new product: Glass Swing Gate, and open Kaohsiung branch at the same time.

In this year, Goosafe attends 4 exhibitions around world, and win the trush from worldwide customer, expecially at middle-eat, euro, and south-east asia.

2013 IFSEC UK, Goosafe intents to attrtact more Euro customers.

2013 Secutech Exhibition, Goosafe exhibts new style of speed gate, drop-arm tripod turnstile, and parking management system for different language version.

With the support of Saima, we announce new security control product, for China and Taiwan: "Prestige booth", perfect equipment for control demand of high security area.

In Taiwan, we have cooperated with Sirit, and begin to offer new product: "RFID Parking Management System"

Joined the SecuTech Expo 2012, and exhibt new series of parking management system, together with new model of speed gate and tripod turnstile.

In order to offer better service to China customer, Shanghai office is opened.

Goosafe joins 2011 AWAIPE at Beijin and 2011CPSE at Shengzhen in order to expand business at China.

Goosafe Security Control Co., Ltd. will cooperate with head office of Taiwan to offer dedicated service of customers in China.

Exhibition: Joined the SecuTech Expo 2011, and exhibt new model of speed gate and tripod turnstile.

Together with the promotion of Taipei country to New Taipei city, head office is going to put much strength in export and nurture more professional engineers.

Sales: Construct brand "GooSafe" for international market operation.

Fair: Joined the SecuTech Expo 2010, and display new model of access control gate

Award: The factory passes the verification of ISO 9001:2008.

R/D: R/D department develop full automatic parking management system successfully.

Sales: Begin to export and enter international market.

Enhancement: Directed ERP system into administration process to improve the efficiency of working and operation. Meanwhile, the factory is also upgrading its ability by equipping full automatic CNC machines.

Movement: The construction and plan of new factory is completed for officially run.

Expanding: The design of new factory is completed and began the construction.

Expanding: The factory purchased land at Zhonghua Rd., Tucheng Dist., Xinbei City for future new factory. So that we can respond production expanding and offer better environment to staff and labors in the future.

Import: The factory begins to import access control gate system from Europe in order to improve owned products series. So that customer will have multiple choices in different kinds of products.

Movement: The factory moves to Mingde Rd., Tucheng Dist., Xinbei City.

R/D: The factory begins to develop and produce access control gate facility and system.

head office is built at Xizhi city, Taipei country (Now is called Xinbei City ), dedicated in producing parking lot management system.

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